Taiyuan Shitou Cement Co., Ltd. 5000t/d Cement Production Line EPC project

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(Summary description)Taiyuan Shitou Cement Co., Ltd. 5000t/d Cement Production Line EPC project

Taiyuan Shitou Cement Co., Ltd. 5000t/d Cement Production Line EPC project

(Summary description)Taiyuan Shitou Cement Co., Ltd. 5000t/d Cement Production Line EPC project

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  1. Basic information

  Taiyuan Lionhead Cement Co., Ltd. is established by Taiyuan Lionhead Group Corp., and is the first issuing and listing company fully in accordance with the "Approval System" in China. The predecessor of Taiyuan Lionhead Group Corp. is the former Taiyuan Cement Plant which was founded in 1934, and was the first cement company in Shanxi Province and the birthplace of China's first cyclone preheater and coal-fired calciner, and also China's first enterprises which promoted these two new technologies in production. According to the overall deployment and requirements of "Xishan Comprehensive Treatment" by Governments of Shanxi Province and Taiyuan, Taiyuan Lionhead Group is listed as the key relocation enterprise of comprehensive improvement. In order to successfully implement the relocation of enterprise, Shanxi Provincial Committee and Shanxi Government introduced the world's top 500 Enterprise Chinese Building Materials Group Corp. into Shanxi Province, China United Cement Corporation, the subsidiary company of China Building Materials Group Corp. invested 49% and Taiyuan Lionhead Cement Co., Ltd., the subsidiary company of Taiyuan Lionhead Group Corp. invested 51% to form jointly Taiyuan Lionhead CUCC Cement Co., Ltd., which is responsible for implementing the relocation project of Taiyuan Lionhead CUCC Cement Co., Ltd.

  The 2×4500t/d cement production lines and supporting 2×9MW pure low temperature waste heat power generation project and cement kiln co-processing municipal solid waste and environmental protection project is built according to the overall goal of five first-class--"first-class equipment, first-class environment, first-class energy-saving, first-class ecology, first-class efficiency" in the existing industrial site in Ximing limestone quarry in Wanbailin area of Taiyuan based on removing of 2×1000t/d and 1×2500t/d cement production lines of Taiyuan Lionhead Group headquarters, 1×600t/d and 2×240t/d cement production lines of Shuozhou Branch, 1×500t/d cement production line and 2×120t/d special cement production lines of Yangquan Branch , 1×500 t/d clinker production line of Yangqu Branch and 1×160t/d cement production line of Hongfeng Branch. The project obtained the approval document of “Taiyuan Lionhead Cement Co. Ltd. Relocation Project 2×4500t/d New Dry Process Cement Production Line (with WHG) First Stage Project” on July 15, 2011 from Shanxi Province Economic and Information Technology Commission with the Code Jinjingxin Investment No. 2011[536].

  The project is implemented by Nanjing Kisen International Engineering Co., Ltd. as EPC project. It started civil construction since March 2013, started equipment erection since the end of May 2013, started individual equipment test, electrical control test and interlock test since December 2013, started ignition and kiln feed on March 17, 2014, performed continuous 72 hour performance test from August 4 to 7 and passed the test successfully.

  2. Main technical difficulties and significant features

  1) The main technical difficulty of the project is complicated material situation. The limestone quarry overburden is thick and uneven distributed, the ore composition fluctuation is great, limestone grade is low, much sand in the soil causes high aluminum content, resulting in low rate of silicic acid ingredients, the kiln feed silicic acid rate is usually 2.3-2.4 and aluminum oxide ratio is usually more than 2.0, large and sticky liquid phase, easily leading to uneven kiln coating and preheater clogging and other problems. Based on the raw material situation, Nanjing Kisen adopts targeted technical measures to make the production line capable of stable and efficient continuous production.

  2) A significant feature of the project is high level of environmental indicators. The project is located close to Taiyuan, so the environmental requirement is very high, dust emission is less than 12mg/m3, NOx emission is controlled below 240mg/m3. Against the feature of environment protection requirement, Nanjing Kisen particularity designed 80 sets of dust collectors, and equips SNCR denitration system. After the production performance test, all environmental indicators meet the design requirements.

  3) Another significant feature of the project is that the cement production, cement storage and sales are split into different plants, and site construction condition is bad, construction site is small with many segments, high side slopes, complex geological structures, they are rock foundations or high backfill areas with depth of 50~60m. In order to meet the environmental requirements of Taiyuan, the clinker burning and cement grinding systems of the new production line is located in the mountains, separated from Taiyuan, but the storage and sales of cement remains at Xishan foot of Taiyuan, which allows the plant to retain the originally formed advantages of zero distance to Taiyuan cement market. But the two areas are separated by mountains, cement transport distance is long, the height difference is nearly 150 meters. Nanjing Kisen fully investigates the conditions, uses local conditions, creatively uses the original mine shaft adit system used for existing plant to transport limestone, using pipes and belt conveyors to transport cement, reducing significantly the cement delivery distance, effectively reducing the energy consumption of cement delivery.

  3. Main operation situation

  After commissioning, performance test and put into operation, the project is handed over to Taiyuan Lionhead United Cement Co., Ltd. for commercial operation. The average clinker yield of kiln system has been maintained at about 5500t/d, the average standard coal consumption of clinker at 105kg/t-cl, average clinker 28d compressive strength at 58MPa, f-CaO in clinker controlled at ≤1.5% pass rate of not less than 90%, average power consumption of clinker at 53.7kWh/t-cl, two cement mills yield are maintained at 180t/h or more (PO42.5), cement mill power consumption at less than 32kWh/t.

  This project adopts advanced new dry process cement production technology and mature technology and reliable equipment, with high degree of automation, not only the quality of the products have reliable guarantee, but also the ore mining, raw material transportation and costs, and labor productivity have great advantages. And the project location is close to Taiyuan, the cement storage and sales have zero distance to the market, so in the fierce competition in the market, its products have stronger competitiveness.

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