CUCC Huaiyuan Cement Co., Ltd. 5000t/d Cement Production Line

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(Summary description)CUCC Huaiyuan Cement Co., Ltd. 5000t/d Cement Production Line

CUCC Huaiyuan Cement Co., Ltd. 5000t/d Cement Production Line

(Summary description)CUCC Huaiyuan Cement Co., Ltd. 5000t/d Cement Production Line

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  • Time of issue:2021-05-13
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  1.Basic information

  CUCC Huaiyuan Cement Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of China United Cement Corporation; the staff for management, marketing, technology, production is mainly from other subsidiaries of CUCC Huaihai operating area.

  The project requisition and other preparatory work is organized by People's Government of Huaiyuan County, Bengbu City, in order to facilitate project application, pre-incorporated CUCC Huaiyuan Cement Co., Ltd. is incorporated in advance; official reply is issued on October 23th, 2009 by Anhui Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau under Anhui EIA letter[2009] No.438; approval reply is issued on September 25th, 2009 by Anhui Development and Reform Commission under Anhui development and reform industry[2009] No. 928.

  On February 22th, 2011, China United Cement Corporation signed Equity Transfer Agreement of CUCC Huaiyuan Cement Co., Ltd. with People's Government Huaiyuan County. So far, CUCC Huaiyuan Cement Co., Ltd. was officially transferred to China United Cement Corporation and became the wholly owned subsidiary of China United Cement Corporation.

  The EPC contract for the project was signed on July 20th, 2012 with commencement date of August 20th, 2012. After the project is basically completed, the kiln igniting was delayed until October 31th, 2013 due to external power supply reason, and disposable feeding was achieved on November 7th; full hand over of plant to Owner was achieved in March, 2014. Under the effective management of CUCC Huaiyuan, not only the actual running state exceeds the standard assessment requirements, but also the result of main production benchmarking rating is in top ranking for long time inside CUCC. Based on actual production after put into operation, the project won the first prize of 18th national outstanding engineering award of the building materials industry issued by China National Building Material Construction Association in 2014.

  2.Main technical difficulty and significant features

  One of the main technical difficulties of this project is limestone long belt conveyor system with total length of 1.8km and complex transport situation, and need to cross under three routes high-voltage lines of 110kV Guansu 593 line, 500kV Longyu 5331 line, 220kV Yanlong 2770 line, also cross under two West-East Gas Pipelines. According to the actual topography and relative location of plant and mining, the scheme of delivering crushed limestone to plant directly by one belt conveyor is adopted with arrangement scheme of firstly upstream, then downstream and then again upstream with great success.

  A significant feature of the project is the use of proprietary technology and product of Nanjing Kisen KC4-1089 type fourth generation grate cooler, its main technical characteristics are as follows:

  ① Grate bed effective area of ~138.3m2, thermal efficiency of >75%, and outlet clinker temperature under normal production is 65℃+ ambient temperature.

  ② Advanced and reliable row forward operational control. Width direction of the grate bed is divided into several columns with each individually driven by hydraulic cylinders to achieve reciprocating motion, when working each column is synchronous moving forward, and clinker is moving forward following grate bed, and then each column moving backwards in batches, using interaction force among materials to force clinker to move forward progressively.

  ③ Horizontal layout is adopted for the complete machine to reduce the overall height of equipment.

  ④ Each grate plate has fixed cooling layer, which greatly improves the service life and operation rate of grate plate. Labyrinth seal is adopted among column-wise units in inter-longitudinal direction, and between column-wise units and side guide plates to ensure no material leakage among each unit, the entire grate bed without material leakage can be achieved to minimize maintenance.

  One of the highlights of design innovation is the adoption of pre-stressed silo structure technology for designing of raw meal silo and clinker silo of this project. After using pre-stressed technology, ordinary reinforcement content of silo wall is significantly reduced and the amount of concrete is decreased, which saves the project cost and improves the safety and durability of the structure, and at same time eliminating quality and safety accident potential of silo collapse due to cohesive force reduction between concrete and reinforced resulting from dense reinforcement.

  3.Main production operation

  After CUCC Huaiyuan 5000t/d production line officially being put into commercial operation, the average clinker output of kiln system has been maintained at 5500~5650t/d with average standard coal consumption of clinker 104~105kg/t-cl, clinker 28d compressive strength of 57~59MPa, and the pass rate of clinker f-CaO control ≤1.5% not less than 95%, and average power consumption of clinker from limestone crushing to the top of clinker silo (including limestone long belt conveyor ) is 59.8~60.9 kWh/t-cl, and air temperature at C1 preheater outlet is~315 ℃with negative pressure at outlet 4900~5100Pa. Average power consumption of cement from clinker silo bottom to cement packing/bulk is ~34.2kWh/t-ce, among them the grinding process power consumption ~ 31.8kWh /t-ce.

  In addition, large number of local industrial residue (quartz tailings of Fengyang, iron tailings of Macheng, fly ash+slag, etc. of State Grid Bengbu power plant) is integrated utilized as auxiliary raw material and cement admixtures for project production with total consumption of total 600,000 tons. Therefore, this project is another demonstration project for fulfilling the principle of “Development of Recycling Economy” initiated by CNBM and CUCC.

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