Huizhou Guangda Cement Co.,Ltd. Longhua Plant 2×5000t/d cement production line

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(Summary description)

Huizhou Guangda Cement Co.,Ltd. Longhua Plant 2×5000t/d cement production line

(Summary description)


      1. Project Brief

      GuangdongGuangda Enterprise Group is headquartered in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, is an integrated private enterprise engaged in real estate, concrete mixing station, land development, cement manufacturing, estate management with annual cement consumption more than 1 million. In the early 2007, the Longhua cement plant 2×5000t/d clinker new dry process cement production line was built in Longmen county, Huizhou city by Huizhou Guangda Cement Group had been put into operation and so far running well. Afterwards along with sustainable development of local economy, in order to meet the needs of the company and the surrounding areas of economic construction, the upgrading project of Guanghua Cement Plant 2×4500t/d clinker new dry process cement production line equipped with low temperature WHR system built in Longjiang town at Longmen county and put into operation in 2012. Entrusted by Huizhou Guangda Cement Group, Nanjing Kisen is responsible for designing work of the foresaid 4 production lines.

      2. Main Equipment Configuration

      The upgrading project of Guanghua cement plant 2×4500t/d clinker new dry process cement production line imported UBE raw vertical mill of Japan(410t/h), and each production line is equipped with double string 5-stage high efficiency low resistance cyclone preheater and on-line calciner system with spouting-swirling combination type ( in order to meet production demand using 100% anthracite) independently developed by Nanjing Kisen, Φ4.8×72m rotary kiln and KC-1077 third generation grate cooler independently developed by Nanjing Kisen. Cement grinding system is mainly equipped with 4 sets HFCG160-140 roller press plus Φ4.2×13m cement tube mill system.

      3.Design and construction specialties and difficulties

      This project near the mountain and by the river, we paid much attention to overall planning during design. Except using optimization design and special treatment to equipment selection, process design and building structure, but also making great greening design, coordinate with surroundings.

      Production line design has following outstanding features:

      1) Rational overall planning

Paid much attention on overall planning during design, separate different layers according to topography, plant arrangement compact and orderly, functional area clearly, technological process concise and smooth.

      2) High shuffling yard

Raw material and fuel yards use high shuffling yard with large area, in order to adapt price fluctuation of raw material and fuel, to satisfy normal production of 4500t/d production line.

     3) Plenty of cement silo

      24 cement silo with diameter of 25m were allocated, to satisfy market requirements to different kind of cement in this area.

      4) Plenty of bulk and packing machine

       In order to satisfy intensive requirement of cement from surrounding large construction projects, this plant sells bulk cement as major, adopted 12 bulk machine and 4 packing machine.

      5) This area has long rainy season with large precipitation, and civil construction has statistics of large backfill, lava topography and hard pile foundation construction. So we carried out methods accordingly and corporate with civil contractor, optimized design, made it easy to construction, reduced investment and shorten the construction period.        

      4. Operation Index

      With united effort of Huizhou Guangda Company and each construction unit, after intense construction, erection and commissioning, this project was put into production in February 2012. This production line gained praise from client since production.

      Now clinker production is above 5800t/d, annual cement output is 4 million tons. Clinker comprehensive power consumption is 55kWh/t-cl, coal consumption is 105kg standard coal/kg-cl, achieved perfect economic operation cost.

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