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CUCC Nanjing Cement Co.,Ltd. 5000t/d Cement Production Line EPC project

  • Time of issue:2021-05-13
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(Summary description)CUCC Nanjing Cement Co.,Ltd. 5000t/d Cement Production Line EPC project

CUCC Nanjing Cement Co.,Ltd. 5000t/d Cement Production Line EPC project

(Summary description)CUCC Nanjing Cement Co.,Ltd. 5000t/d Cement Production Line EPC project

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  • Time of issue:2021-05-13
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  The 4500t/d clinker production line of CUCC Nanjing Cement Co., ltd. located in Chunhua town Jiangning district Nanjing, it is 29km to the city area, Nanjing Psychiatric Hospital and residential area are located several hundred meters away out of the plant wall. Because of this situation, we paid much attention on dust and noise treatment during the design. This project has following characteristics:

  1 .Pay attention to noise control design

  Firstly, on the layout arrangement, under the circumstance of not affect the land acquisition, locate the whole production line as far as possible to the Nanjing Psychiatric Hospital and residential area. Meanwhile, arrange low noise plants like adjective material yard, coal yard and coal homogenizing yard on the side near psychiatric hospital and residential area. Also, these plants can block the noise spreading through.

  Secondly, on equipment selection and process design, not only adopted equipment with low noise, but set silencers at preheater and kiln fans and coal mill fan as well, besides, set silencers at outlet duct of all filter fans and inlet and outlet of Roots blowers.

  Thirdly, noisy plants like first floor of kiln head plant, all floors of coal preparation plant, all floors of raw preparation station adopted wall sealing method, in order to reduce the noise.

  According to operation situation, expected design effect was achieved, no impact to surrounding residence and hospital was appeared.

  2. Pay attention to dust treatment

  During this project design, adopted bag filters with high dedusting efficiency at both kiln and preheater to treat the waste gas. Set bag filters at all places with dust in other plants, and increase the treatment air volume of bag filters, like limestone crush plant, clinker storage plant and so on.

  Adopting sealing method at dusty workshops such as limestone homogenizing yard, coal homogenizing yard, coal yard and adjective material yard.

  Added gate at entrance located in clinker silo bottom, to prevent clinker dust leakage.

  Clinker transportation conveyor used enclosed method, to prevent clinker dust leakage.

  According to real operation situation, no dust raising appear.

  3. Take full advantage of topography to arrange related plants

  Construction area of this project was narrow, and bed rock underground, in order to reduce cubic meter of stone, separated the whole area into different layers in layout arrangement, arranged related plants rationally according to process.

  Limestone crush plant arranged at quarry, crusher set on layer with elevation of 102.000m, crusher inlet hopper located on layer with elevation of 110.000m.

  Limestone homogenizing yard located on the layer with elevation of 85.000m, adjective material yard and clay crush located on the layer with elevation of 78.000m. Main production line from raw preparation station, coal ash storage, raw mill and waste gas treatment, raw meal blending silo and raw meal feeding, preheater, kiln, kiln burner part, clinker storage, coal yard, coal homogenizing yard, coal preparation are located on the layer with elevation of 72.000m, and the main production line was arranged as a line.

  Layout arrangement like this can not only reduce the stone volume, reduce the project investment, but also smooth the process, arrange compacted.

  4 .Cable and water pipe overhead arrangement

  Considering of bed rock under construction area of this project, workload of cable duct and inbuilt water pipe was huge. So, most cable arrangement used cable tray, water pipe arrangement is mostly in overhead arrangement along the road.

  5.Some transportation conveyor used steel structure instead of traditional concrete column. Not only light and beautiful, but also shorten the construction period.

  6 .CUCC Nanjing 4500t/d clinker line, all economic operation targets are among the best in CUCC group enterprises, burning system coal consumption lower than 104kg/t-cl, unit clinker power consumption lower than 58kWh/t-cl, strength on 28 days ≥62MPa, and gained highly speak of CNBM and CUCC leaders, achieved CUCC example enterprise. Now this production line has gained the reward of National building material industrial safety production example line.

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