Shandong Qingzhou Cement Co.,Ltd. 5000t/d Cement Production Line EPC project

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(Summary description)青州中联水泥有限公司6000t/d水泥生产线EPC工程

Shandong Qingzhou Cement Co.,Ltd. 5000t/d Cement Production Line EPC project

(Summary description)青州中联水泥有限公司6000t/d水泥生产线EPC工程

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  • Time of issue:2021-05-13
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  1. Basic Information

  CUCC Qingzhou Cement Co., Ltd. is located in Putong town, Qingzhou City, Shandong Province with original name CUCC Luhong Cement Co., Ltd.; is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China United Cement Corporation, and its personnel for management, operations, technology, production is mainly from the CUCC Lunan Co., Ltd. The company has a regular staff about 340, including professional and technical staff about 120, more than 50 staff with media and advanced professional titles.

  CUCC Qingzhou was prepared to be built in 2003 with overall planning for construction of two 6000t/d clinker cement production lines. The first stage project was ground-broken in April, 2004, mainly adopting technical equipment of five cyclone preheater and online spouting precalciner + Φ5.2×74m rotary kiln + third generation of inflatable beam grate cooler developed by Nanjing Kisen, the project was put into operation in February 2007 with production capacity of annual output of 1.25 million tons of clinker + annual output of 1 million tons of cement, current production is in normal operation. CUCC Qingzhou 6000t/d clinker cement production line project (second line) was implemented in two steps; the first step of cement grinding system with annual output of 1 million tons of cement has been put into operation in April 2011, the second step of clinker burning system is undertaken by Nanjing Kisen on EPC basis.

  The EPC contract for the project was signed on July 31, 2012 with commencement date on April 25, 2013. Individual test, electronic control dotting and interlock commissioning was started on April 10, 2014, and kiln ignition started on May 14, 2014 and then kiln feeding on May 22, and performance guarantee test for 72 hours was successfully completed from 08:00 on August 27 to 08:00 of August 30, 2014.

  2. Main technical difficulties and significant features

  A significant feature of the project is “carrying the old with the new”. The open-air stockpiles and shovel operation of limestone, additive materials and raw coal of the first line of CUCC Qingzhou project lead to high integrated moisture of raw materials and fuel, meanwhile excess losses was caused due to long term windswept and flowing with the rain of raw coal, so after the first line of 6000t/d clinker production line put into operation, the heat consumption for unit product was significantly higher. In addition, the facilities for raw fuel part, auxiliary production and sharing for first line was overall planned as per two lines 6000t/d clinker production line and one-time built, therefore power consumption for unit product is also significantly higher.

  During second line construction period, “filled up the gaps” complete enclosure was done to storing of raw materials and fuels for first line project, not only revolutionized the open stockpiles and shovel operation of raw materials and fuels for the whole plant, achieving effective control on integrated moisture of raw materials and fuel and excessive coal consumption, but also make standard coal consumption of clinker for first line down by 1~1.5kg/t-cl year-on-year. At the same time, after splitting of the power consumption for materials and fuels processing of whole plant by two lines, the unit clinker power consumption of the first line is down by 0.8 ~1.1kWh /t-cl year-on-year.

  Because of factors of extreme poor grindability, hard to be broken and grinded of limestone, one set of Atox57.5 vertical roller mill of import + processing with supplied drawings (largest vertical mill of FL.Smidth) was adopted as raw mill for the second line project,with design capacity of 460t/h (at later stage of wearing), outlet moisture of raw meal ≤0.5%. The installed power of vertical roller mill is 5400kW and for raw mill fan is 5200kW.

  Another significant feature of the project is the adopting of proprietary technology and product of Nanjing Kisen-- KC4-10100 type fourth generation grate cooler with main technical features as follows:

  Effective area of grate bed is ~155.8m2with heat efficiency >75%, and the outlet clinker temperature under normal operation is 65℃+ambient temperature.

  Advanced and reliable row-forward operation control. Grates are divided into several rows in width direction; each row is driven separately by hydraulic cylinder. During operation, all rows push forward synchronically, and clinker move forward with grates, and then the rows move backward in different batches. By using the interaction between the materials, the clinker can move forward gradually;

  Every grate plate has fixed cooling layer which improves its life and running rate. Units in row direction are labyrinth packing between each other, and so are they and shield plate on same side, which can guarantee no leakage of whole grates, so the maintenance is less;

  3. Main operation situation

  After second line of CUCC Qingzhou 6000t/d production line put into commercial operation, the average clinker output of kiln system has been maintained at 6300~6400t/d, and the average standard coal consumption of clinker~104kg/t-cl, clinker 28d compressive strength is 57~58MPa, and the pass rate of f-CaO control ≤1.5% in clinker not less than 95%, and the average power consumption from limestone crushing to top of clinker silo is ~ 69kWh/t-cl (among them the additional equivalent power consumption for crushing and grinding the abnormal limestone is~11kWh/t-cl), and preheater C1 outlet temperature ~320℃ and outlet negative pressure 4900 ~ 5100Pa.

  CUCC Qingzhou Cement Co., Ltd. as the second largest clinker production base of CUCC, based on Shandong province with rapid economic development, adhering to the tenet of providing high-quality green building materials for society, and actively build “innovative performance-based, resource-saving and environment-friendly, socially responsible” four-oriented enterprises, and continue to contribute their strength to promote local economic development.

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