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Leader's Speech

Leader's Speech

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  • Time of issue:2021-03-26 11:05:21
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  The only thing never changes in the world is change. Cement industry has a history of more than one hundred years and now it is at the crossroads to change the structure and green-reengineering.

  The environment brings us threat with chance. In the development of Nanjing Kisen, we searched chance in environment and avoided threat. We optimized resource configuration and achieved efficiency. With endeavor we obtained influence power and fame in cement industry, and the core enterprise competitiveness was strengthened constantly.

  In the future development, we will go on adjusting enterprise development strategy according to internal and external environment, follow tenet of “Super Valued Service, Benefit For Customer”, grasp change of customer requirement, continue providing energy saving and consumption reducing technology and products. Cherishing resource and environment in development, we will be a people-oriented, multi-win enterprise with good achievements.


Feng Jianhua




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