High efficiency five-stage cyclone preheater and multi-spouting calciner

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High efficiency five-stage cyclone preheater and multi-spouting calciner

(Summary description)

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    Main functions of preheater:

     utilize heat of kiln inlet exhaust gas to preheat raw meal, send to kiln after decomposing to reduce heat consumption of burning system. Thus increase as much as possible heat exchange efficiency, decrease system air resistance, system energy consumption, investment of equipment and construction, operate in safety. Kisen experimented and researched, and applied following measures:

      First, apply 4 core big spiral casing high efficiency low resistance cyclone, increase separating efficiency, reduce system resistance, increase system thermal efficiency. Second, match different cyclones to reach high efficiency and low resistance. Third, apply high efficiency distributor to increase heat exchange effect. Fourth, optimize inner cone material and structure and separating and heat efficiency. Fifth, erect anti-drag on cyclone to reduce system resistance. Sixth, erect dustproof plate of special shape. Seventh, apply anti-block structure to avoid material blockage. Eighth, apply high efficiency and low resistance cyclone and arrange cyclone, connection pipe, calciner, chute etc to reduce building height and equipment weight, to reduce investment.

     Main functions of calciner:

     fill fuel to burn, so that raw meal before kiln is thermal exchanged in calciner, 90% carbonas are decomposed. Suitable structure and capacity and suitability of different fuels are key to achieve high carbonas decomposing with low energy consumption. After experiments and computer simulation research, Kisen applies following measures:

     First, through research of calcium carbonate decomposing dynamic, provide optimized condition for calcium carbonate in calciner. Second, establish a computer simulation system to optimize calciner structure, and make flow field, temperature field and pressure field more appropriate. Third, apply spouting and swirl movement to make fuel burn and raw meal decompose. Fourth, set several neckings in calciner to strengthen fuel to burn. Fifth, apply fractional combustion denitriding technology to get better denitriding effect.

     Technical difference: Kisen high efficiency five-stage cyclone preheater and multi-spouting calciner are within international advanced level.

     Technical features:

     1. Apply customized design.

     2. Low system resistance, through analysis of velocity field in cone by computer numerical simulation, and four core big spiral casing and optimized inner cone structure, product system resistance is greatly reduced. Its resistance is 10-15% lower than normal preheater and calciner, which is international advanced. So system preheater fan can be configured 1-2 stages lower, which decreases engineering cost and equipment power consumption is about 10% lower.

     3. High heat exchange rate. Laboratory research and computer numerical simulation are main basis of design optimization. High efficiency distributor and dustproof plate with independent intellectual property increased heat exchange rate greatly, thus heat from kiln inlet and calciner can be used adequately. Coal consumption per unit of clinker is 5% decreased compared with normal preheater.

    4. Low nitrogen oxide. This product applies fractional combustion “denitriding” patent technology, which make nitrogen oxide emission can reach best 300mg/Nm3 and it is international advanced.

     According to raw material and fuel characters, Kisen practiced preheaters and calciners are: online multi spouting KDS calciner, KPC calciner with precombustion chamber, KFC calciner with ebullated bed etc.

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